Monday, May 25, 2009

Case Logic 6-Capacity Flash Drive Holder

Sometimes I'm looking so intently to find suitable stocking stuffers to list, that I almost don't see one when it's staring me right in the face. Fortunately I saw this one last week, when the woman sitting next to me in a computer training class pulled it out of her handbag. It's a little (5.25 x 3.75 x 1 inch) case that holds six flash/jump drives; even the ones with lanyards can go in there. Since I am always digging around in the bottom of my large tote bag for the handful of flash drives that are hiding somewhere in there, this would be perfect for keeping them together and making them a lot easier to find.

And it's cheap! The Case Logic website regularly lists these for $6.99, but it's currently priced at $3.99. Naturally, there would be shipping, so it might be just as well to go to Office Depot or Office Max and pay a few extra bucks there, but not have to pay for shipping.

Don't forget Father's Day is coming up, and this would make a nice little gift if your father is into computers. It would also be great for college students. But really, this would work for anyone from teens on up who happens to use computers a lot. You can even "pre-load" it with a flash drive or two -- the prices are dropping all the time -- to make it an extra special stocking stuffer.

What: Case Logic 6-Capacity Flash Drive Holder
Where: Case Logic website (or any office/computer supply store)
How much (as of today's post): $3.99 (plus shipping)

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Valerie said...

It can be so difficult shopping for men sometimes. Thanks for the great (and frugal) idea!