Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mini Iced Easter Cookies

If you're sick to death of chocolate in Easter baskets (trust me, there really are some people who aren't addicted to chocolate!), here's a nice alternative, although it's a wee bit expensive at $22.95. However, you could counter that by divvying up these 30 miniature iced Easter cookies into separate cellophane bags for multiple Easter baskets. Aren't they adorable?

Of course, if you're a baker, you could make your own cookies for a lot less. I myself am not so good with the baking.... And at this late date, you'd pay a fortune for expedited shipping if you wanted these in time for Easter, but if you're lucky you might have a Williams-Sonoma store near where you live. Our mall has one and I enjoy looking around it, although it always makes me hungry....

What: Mini Iced Easter Cookies
Where: Williams-Sonoma website or store
How much (as of today's post): $22.95 (plus shipping)

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