Sunday, April 26, 2009

Handmade Ceramic Garden Stakes

Today kicks off two weeks' worth of posts about Mother's Day, which is coming up quickly on Sunday, May 10! In my mind, Mother's Day is all about small but thoughtful luxuries that show your mother you appreciate all she has done for you. For whatever reason, I tend to think of Mother's Day in conjunction with flowers (especially sunflowers and daisies), gardening, fizzy lemons and limes, and Springtime in general, which you'll see reflected in many of the gift ideas I'll be listing over the next several days.

Today, I'm delighted to start with these beautiful handmade garden stakes from Etsy seller From Artisan Hands. According to the description, the stakes are cut from speckled stoneware, stamped, glazed, and fired. The Etsy shop shows stakes for herbs, vegetables, and even inspirational words; a set of three costs $20 plus shipping. Many of the stakes have lovely impressions of dragonflies, birds, or suns stamped into them. You can even order custom stakes if you don't see what you want!

Aren't they lovely? I love the harmonious colors, which are also earth-toned enough that they will look completely natural in a garden.

What: Ceramic Garden Stakes
Where: From Artisan Hands (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post): $20 for three stakes of your choice (plus shipping)

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