Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Cake Pops from the Bakerella Blog

I've never been a fan of Easter chocolate molds, where you simply melt different pastel-colored "chocolate" buttons into molds, and end up with pink, white, and yellow bunnies, hens, and chicks. Some were on lollipop sticks, while others were just "standalone" pieces wrapped in cellophane individually or together. Even as a kid, I thought they tasted too sickly sweet, and of course now I know that white chocolate is not actually chocolate anyway, since it has no cacao in it.

In any case, if Easter has snuck up on you but you still want to make some treats yourself, and you're tired of simply melting chocolate into molds, you might want to take it to the next level with cake pops. I don't remember how and when I first came Bakerella's blog, but I remember being astounded at her ingenuity and at the adorable detail of her various cake pops. She has basic cake pop instructions here, from which you'll see that cake pops are made from a mixture of cake and frosting, which helps the pop hold its shape. It's then dipped into colored melted chocolate and decorated with edible pens, candies, etc.

You really should spend some time exploring her blog to see all the amazing things she's made from this basic concept. And naturally she has some for Easter, including Easter egg cake pops and bunny cake pops. But my hands-down favorite is the adorable little sheep cake pop shown above.

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