Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Audobon Bird Call

Here's a fun stocking stuffer when you're trying to get your child interested in the outdoors instead of just television shows and video games: an Audobon bird call. Made of birchwood and metal, this little "instrument" makes a variety of calls that are meant to attract wild birds.

Where I grew up on the east coast, it was a rare and special occasion to see an honest-to-goodness bluejay or cardinal. In Houston, though, I often see bluejays in the backyard, keeping an eye on the squirrels. My cats certainly enjoy the show! We also have hummingbirds (I understand that we're just on the edge of a migration route), egrets, doves, and herons, and they're all lovely to watch.

The bird call is also appropriate for a child already enrolled in Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, as those organizations (if I recall correctly) like to emphasize nature activities. You can also pair this with any number of guides to bird species, either one small enough to also fit in the stocking, or a larger book under the Christmas tree.

What: Audobon Bird Call
Where: Escape Direct website
How much (as of today's post): $5.45 (plus shipping)

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