Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Versamark Pen and Embossing Powder

Today's stocking stuffer is an item I came across while making artist trading cards: the Versamark pen. I'd been to a Stampin' Up party (if you're not familiar with it, it's like a Tupperware-style party for ink stamps and scrapbooking supplies). Versamark "watermarks" your craft paper and card stock, making a darker mark in the same color as the paper. You can use the Versamark ink pad to watermark a stamped image, or you can use the Versamark pen to make freestyle watermark designs. You can leave it at that, or while it's still wet, you can sprinkle embossing powder onto the watermarks, tap off the excess, and then use a heat gun to melt the powder so that your design is now embossed. I've had really good results using both the Versamark pad and the Versamark pen.

I think the best way to find this item would be to go online and simply enter "versamark" into Google. I found the pad but not the pen on the Michael's store website, but I was able to find both on various craft and scrapbook supply sites. And of course there's always eBay. Paired with a little vial of silver or gold embossing powder, this would make a nice stocking stuffer for a crafter or artist. I'm guessing you can get both the pen and some powder for under $10 (before shipping) if you shop around a bit.

What: Versamark Pen and Embossing Powder
Where: Various craft & scrapbooking supply stores and websites
How much (as of today's post): approximately $10

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