Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gourmet Petits Fours

I love petits fours. Around Thanksgiving, when the Hickory Farms kiosk shows up at the mall, we buy one box of 24 -- the regular ones, not the all-chocolate ones -- and it lasts me until halfway through January. To me the whole point of petits fours is to not have them too often, to keep them a "special occasion" or holiday kind of thing.

I'm picky about them, too. I once bought a box of petits fours at the grocery store bakery instead of Hickory Farms. I won't be doing that again. They were too large, and the icing was too sickly sweet.

The only bad thing is that so few places sell them in small enough boxes to fit inside a stocking. They can be found online, but they just might be this kind of expensive petits fours: a four-piece box from Valerie Confections selling for $16.00, with one each of rose petal, ginger, lemon, and orange marzipan. Don't they look gorgeous?

I'm not sure I could bring myself to spend $16.00, plus shipping, for four petits fours. That's more than $4.00 apiece! Can they really be that good? I admit, I sure am tempted to try them once and find out. And if you have a petits fours lover in your life, maybe you'll want to splurge on these just this once.

(Note: I first saw these particular petits fours in a post at the Weddify blog.)

What: Gourmet Petit Fours
Where: Valerie Confections website
How much (as of today's post): $16.00 (plus shipping)

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