Sunday, March 15, 2009

Earrings, Cufflinks, Charms, Etc. from The Clay Collection

Let me just say right up front: the hardest part of writing this post was choosing which of the many cunning little designs to show here. Etsy seller Lauren of The Clay Collection sculpts little creations from polymer clay, which she then turns into earrings, cuff links, pins, and charms. She can also make zipper pulls (great for boys), cell phone charms, pendants, or charms for a charm bracelet. If you see a pair of earrings you like but just want a single charm of the same design instead, she even lists the price for that. Whatever you want, just ask! You can upgrade the earrings to sterling silver, or change the silver-tone cuff links to gold-tone. The possibilities are endless.

And the designs! There's a whole category for faux food, including the pancakes, cupcakes, and pecan pie shown here. A lot of the food designs remind me of the small, cute Japanese toys that are so popular now. And some of them, like the Snowman S'Mores shown at the end of this post and the pumpkin pie (not pictured), are especially good for the holidays. But there's plenty here for any time of year and any occasion.

There's another section for "jewelry geekery", including the computer floppy disks shown here. Plus there's a whole section for "jewelry Nintendo", featuring not only the characters from various games, but also the Nintendo controllers themselves. These are just perfect for teenagers into video games!

Once again, I'm amazed at the creativity displayed on Etsy. I'm also impressed with the details on these little creations -- I mean, look at the strawberries and bananas on the pancakes above (or click here for a closer look), and the pecans on the pecan pie below.

(Note: the prices range all the way from $5.00 to $34.00, so I have tagged this post under all of my price categories.)

What: Earrings, Cuff links, Charms, Etc. from The Clay Collection
Where: The Clay Collection (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post):
Range from $5.00 to $34.00 (plus shipping)

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