Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cugino's Dipz! Mixes

I first came across Cugino's Dipz! mixes at an upscale liquor store, and was amused by the names Garlic Schmarlic, Taco Schmaco, Onion Wonion, and Veggie Weggie. Silly, but what's wrong with a company having a little fun? The packages even have cute little food cartoon characters on them, holding signs telling you to eat other stuff.

I then looked up the company's website and found even more varieties, such as spinach, dill, fire roasted ranch, and tomato lime salsa. They helpfully list all the ingredients right there on the web page, and I was pleased to find monosodium glutamate in only one dip mix, the cheesy bacon dip. Also, if you click on a specific dip mix, you'll get the same nutrition labeling you would see on the package in the store. (If you ask me, all food companies should be providing this info on the web.)

The company also sells soups, spreads, and rubs (great for a husband's stocking if he's into barbecuing). But back to the dip mixes -- they are $3.00 for a single packet, but less if you buy larger quantities from the website. I don't recall the store price for a single packet, but I imagine it's comparable.

What: Cugino's Dipz! Mixes
Where: Cugino's website, or upscale grocery and liquor stores
How much (as of today's post): approximately $3.00

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