Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Magnetic Needle Minders

These magnetic "needle minders" look just like old-fashioned cameo brooches, but are meant for keeping needles handy -- definitely a better alternative than sticking your needle in the arm of your chair (which is what I usually do), or through your shirt. You can either set it down, or actually wear it by using the magnet in the back. There are currently seven designs; the three shown here are "Butterfly on Blue", "Pink Lady", and "Cranes on Navy". (The Pink Lady has the added bonus that a portion of each sale is donated to breast cancer awareness and education.)

Given how pretty these needle minders are, I think they would also be great as a small Mother's Day gift, if the mother in question is a crafter. But really, these would work at any time of year.

(Note: I first saw this product in a post at the All About Applique blog.)

What: Magnetic Needle Minders
Where: Quilt Puppy website
How much (as of today's post): $9.00 (plus shipping)

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