Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chocolate & Wine Pairing Collection

This elegant little box makes a romantic and tasty gift. There's no actual wine in there, but rather four chocolate bars: milk, 55% cacao dark chocolate, 60% cacao dark chocolate, and 75% cacao dark chocolate. Plus, there's a wine-tasting chart recommending the wines to go with each type of chocolate so you can have your own little tasting party. If there's someone in your life who is both a wine and chocolate lover, you can't go wrong with this gift!

From the Crate & Barrel website, as of this writing the collection is $9.95, down from the original $19.95. I rather suspect it will jump back up in price by the time next Christmas season rolls around, so if you have something to celebrate earlier than that -- such an anniversary, or Valentine's Day -- now might be the time to order. I also note that the website doesn't list the dimensions of the box, so I'm not sure if it would fit in a stocking. I think it probably would fit near the top where it's wider, but in any case, for wine and chocolate, I'll take my chances!

What: Chocolate & Wine Pairing Collection
Where: Crate & Barrel website
How much (as of today's post): $9.95 (plus shipping)

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