Sunday, December 14, 2008

Recycled Magnetic Locket Set

Etsy Sundays are my favorite posts, because I'm constantly amazed at all the creativity floating around out there. Today's stocking stuffer is an adorable magnetic locket set from a self-described "mad scientist mom" who runs the Etsy shop polarity. I'm just so impressed that someone thought of something so clever, made out of a recycled steel auto part! The two locket sets shown here each have three magnetic interchangeable lids. The first set shows some classic "fairy tale girls" illustrations. Essentially, you're getting three necklaces for the price of one, plus a place to put a photo inside!

The second set is called "And Sew On" and is perfect for the crafty girl, teen, or woman in your life. But before you choose, make sure you explore the stop in detail -- there are over a hundred sets to choose from under the categories "definition lockets" (where you'll find "And Sew On"); "mini recycled lockets", which features some colorful abstract designs; and "more cool lockets", which is where I found "fairy tale girls". According to the artist's Etsy shop, all lockets come with three lids.

What: Recycled Magnetic Locket Set
Where: polarity (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post):
$15.00 (some $16.00) (plus shipping)

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