Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jelly Belly's BeanBoozled

This is it, all you Santas! You're down to the wire! Luckily, this Christmas Eve stocking stuffer should be available at your local grocery store -- I saw it in mine. But....

Warning: this stocking stuffer is not for the faint-hearted! Originally, my thought was to post about Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, the Harry Potter tie-in box of Jelly Bellys that delighted many kids on the sheer gross-out factor. Unfortunately, it looks as though the Bertie Bott's line has been discontinued. Never fear, however, because Jelly Belly's "BeanBoozled" line has taken its place.

BeanBoozled pairs 10 "regular" flavor jelly beans with 10 "weird" flavors, several of which are drawn from the Bertie Bott's line. The twist is that the weird flavors look identical to the real ones, which means the only way to find out if you're getting "peach" or "vomit" is to taste it. Here is the complete list of pairings:

  • Skunk Spray vs. Licorice
  • Rotten Egg vs. Buttered Popcorn
  • Ear Wax vs. CafĂ© Latte
  • Booger vs. Juicy Pear
  • Baby Wipes vs. Coconut
  • Pencil Shavings vs. Top Banana
  • Toothpaste vs. Berry Blue
  • Vomit vs. Peach
  • Moldy Cheese vs. Caramel Corn
  • Black Pepper vs. Plum
I can tell you right now: I won't be trying these! But kids do love stuff like this. And Jelly Belly has really done their homework. I did try Bertie Bott's many moons ago, and at first I really thought it was going to be a joke and the supposed grass jelly bean would just be lime or something. But no, grass really tasted like grass, and when I tried the black pepper jellybean, it took me half an hour to get the pepper taste out of my mouth! (I was way too chicken to try rotten egg or vomit!)

Enjoy stuffing those stockings tonight!

What: Jelly Belly's BeanBoozled
Where: Any candy store
How much (as of today's post): Approximately $2.25 for a 1.6 oz box

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