Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Egglings and Nyokki

Egglings are cute little plants that grow in a clay/ceramic "eggshell" pot. The egg comes whole, and you crack the top by tapping it with a spoon, just as you would do with a hard boiled egg. Inside you'll find the seeds in a paper packet that dissolves when you water it, and after the plant has grown, you can transplant it to soil, cracking the egg the rest of the way. Even the eggshell pieces are degradable, making this not only a fun gift but a green one!

There's also a kids' version called Nyokki. These have little animal faces and feet stuck on the shells, and they grow grassy hair that can be trimmed, just like Chia pets. There are also versions called "taterpots" and "petit coco", both of which grow edible herbs in fun containers.

The Eggling website has an extensive FAQ and a list of retailers in several different countries that carry the Eggling products. I followed the link to catfishgreetings.com and found I could buy a single Eggling for $12.00. Windowbox.com has them for $8.95. Red Envelope has three for $34.95. So it definitely pays to shop around a bit.

What: Egglings and Nyokki
Where: Eggling.com
How much (as of today's post): $8.95

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