Monday, November 3, 2008

Dice for Farkle

Never heard of Farkle? Neither had I, until a friend we were visiting showed us how to play. All you need are six 6-sided dice and a piece of paper on which to keep score. (Those of us young enough to sit on the floor can even play it in airport waiting areas.) It's a quick, fun, easy game, in which the person in the lead can end up on the bottom in an instant.

Now, dice.... Not all dice are 6-sided these days, especially since Dungeons & Dragons was invented. Go into any game store and you'll find dice galore. But even the traditional six-sided dice have come a long way, with lots of new novelty approaches. A quick search on ebay using the phrase "six-sided dice" found all kinds of neat variations, including a set that pretends to be made of bone (for that pirate authenticity, arrrghhh!), a set with flamingos on one side, and a really cool set of dice within transparent dice (pictured above). All of these are currently available from ebay seller "g2ch".

Oh, and here are the rules for Farkle, by the way. I think it's easier to have someone explain it to you than to read the rules, but either way, it's really quite simple. I bet you can come up with some neat variations using the dice-within-dice set.

What: Six-sided dice within dice
Where: Ebay (seller = g2ch) or game store
How much (as of today's post): $2.99 (plus shipping)

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