Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Redneck Earrings

For a really silly do-it-yourself April Fools gag gift (or Christmas stocking stuffer -- after all, they're the right shape for Christmas!), you can always make some "Redneck Earrings" by attaching two of those little green tree car air fresheners to earring backs -- or even paper clips if you need a really last minute gag gift! This idea comes courtesy of the budget101.com section on creating your own inexpensive gag gifts. It even comes with a silly poem that you can write or print out to go with the gift, just in case they don't figure out the joke....

I assume this gift would be under $5 -- I've never bought those air fresheners before so I'm not sure how two of them would cost. The Little Trees website lists them at $1.25 apiece, though, and I imagine the drugstore or hardware store price would be similar.

Don't forget that for Christmas, you could decorate the trees with a little glitter, or draw on some ornaments!

What: Redneck Earrings
Where: Budget101.com website
How much (as of today's post): approximately $4.00

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